About me: Humble, or just stupid?

I hate talking about myself, mostly because I’m afraid to turn out to be boring or so, but it’s not that I’m trying to be someone I’m not.

But if I really have to do it… I’m trying hard to be an artist, not as a job, but just as a human being with artistic talents. I’m quite nimble with a pen and paper, not sure if it’s my imagination working the most, or my logic. I like music too, but not just that simple music playing in the radio, I like the good Nordic melodic death metal, which tend to scare people away. Even though I don’t like talking about myself I could sit here for hours talking about my favourite bands. But to give you a little taste of my musical taste, I’ll give you ten of my favourite bands, in no particular order:

Soilwork, Opeth, As I lay dying, Ghost brigade, In flames, Scar symmetry, Machine head, Disturbed, Children of Bodom, Killswitch engage

Somehow, I’ve always managed to stay away from trouble, and I didn’t really have that much respect in school until around the end of last winter. I’ve always been hiding in the shadows, but up to now I’ve managed to build quite the self-esteem. Surprisingly; people are now coming to me with their problems, some of them aren’t even expecting me to fix them, just having me to give my opinion is enough for them. I suppose there’s a lot of reasons for that… Or just two…

Some of my topics are going to get a little weird, and/or out of taste for some readers, but I don’t care that much, not that I don’t care about my reader, just… You know what I mean…

I tend to ramble a little too much about the same thing, without progressing any further, but I’ll work on that. And I’ll probably write some fiction too, and not just subjective “articles”. Anyway; as I’ve said before; maybe things will get a little strange, and the explanation is rather scarce. Bear with me, it’s how my mind works. As long as it keeps a somehow intelligent structure, then I’ll be happy with the results.

-Jonas Christensen

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