Quotidian thoughts and quotidian words, from a quotidian mind.

Ever tried to write your own thought? Me neither… Or well, I tried to do so for the last two weeks – the result is kind of humorous, at least for my deviant mind. I tried to take some scenarios too, so dialogue is also attending.

I didn’t want to categorize it, so length will differ from a line of thought to a lengthy conversation. I did narrow it down to two thought… Now to start:

1. During the Danish rainstorm:

Rain, rain, rain… How I love the fact that I’m living on a hill.

2. Me, two female adult teachers, a friend of mine, and a guy at my age that I don’t really like (and he tend to stalk me) are sitting in the classroom – talking about what costume to wear when it’s the final day of school.

Me: “Hmmm, I think I’ll dress up like a Scot, with a red beard, a funny hat-thing, some bear pelt, and a checkered kilt.”

Teacher: “You know that real Scots aren’t wearing anything under the kilt, right? And I don’t think you wouldn’t dare such thing.”

Me: “Nah, I probably wont.”

The guy at my age I don’t really like: “Dammit!”

Everyone of us look at him, trying to understand what social glitch in his mind that made him say such strange, and utterly wrong thing.

And then the other teacher laughed for about 25 minutes straight…

3. While walking to Physics and chemistry class. Two kids, from about second grade, asks me a question. Though I still don’t know why they asked.

Kids: “I’m lying… Am I?”

Me, stopping to think for a second before answering: “Well: Your question seem to lead to a contradiction – a double-sided  situation which seems to defy logic or intuition. My personal guess would be to ask you about what you’re throwing such vicious statements, so your words would be either black or white – in the matter of non-racial meaning.”

Kids: “So…. Are you saying that I’m lying?”

Then I just ignored them.

4. Thinking, whilst eating ramen breeds funny thoughts:

If an ‘Opposite day’ exists, doesn’t that mean the sentence: “It’s Opposite day today!” Will never be truthful?

5. If I ever have a kid; I’ll look him or her in the eye, and say:

“Want a ball, child? Make it. -With bolt scissor and needle.”

“Want a bird, child? Catch it. -With net and bait.

“Want beauty, child? Shape it. –With pen and brush.”

Want love, child? Give it. –With words and sympathy.”

“Want danger, child? Greet it. –With open arms and preparation.”

6. “Always remember: you are unique – just like anyone else?”

Is it that motivating thought that makes millions seek comforting in cubicles?

Or is that the pillars of creation for the human identity?

7. While waiting in queue at school:

 Women outside queue holds a bag up, and yells: “Anyone own this loot?”

Me, who was really bored: “I call dibs for the armour!”

Hilarity ensues among the geek crowd.

8. Me and my brother sitting inside, doing nothing:

Me: “Dude, time is a pain – always destroying my plans.”

My brother: “Fuck time: I got internet.”

Me: “But if time didn’t exist; you wouldn’t have internet.”

My brother: “Doesn’t matter – Still got internet now.”

9. Recalling a dialogue, from years back, while sitting in the bus:

Male teacher and female teacher sitting at the table, while me and a little kid is sitting on the other end of the table – minding our own business, but still listening.

Female teacher to male teacher: “I like your date’s name, it beautiful.”

Little kid next to me: “What’s his name?”

And yet again: We all laughed… Except for the kid, who didn’t understand why we were laughing.

10. Yet another dialogue, with a rather… Simple-minded girl, that I didn’t/don’t know.

She approaches me while I was drawing, right after class, and asks me:

“I bought one of those… Drawing tablets, but it wont work. I’ve tried all my pencils, ballpoint pens, and I even tried a brush – But it doesn’t work.”

I look at her, thinking she’s joking, but still unsure: “You know it only reacts to magnets, right?”

She gives me a look, like I’m saying rubbish: “You’re obviously lying; magnet destroy electronics and stuff”

And I never spoke to her again.


I actually intended to do a review of Ghost brigade’s new album: Until fear no longer defines us, but if I get the money to do it; I’ll do a multi review of:

Ghost brigade – Until fear no longer defines us.

Machine head – Unto the locust.

and Opeth – Heritage.

The problem is the release date for Unto the locust is six days after Heritage: The 26’th September, and that’s a pretty long time to wait. I’ll figure it out. Cheers

-Jonas Christensen


Propaganda? Or just self-epitomization?

Haslev, that’s the name of the town which I’ve been studying in for the last 4 years or so.

But there something very, very wrong in this little town: The town is the center for the Church Association for the Inner Mission in Denmark. And if there’s something that really can bring my blood to a boiling point; it is religious people trying to convert atheist discreetly.

The town have about 11.000+ residents, and it wasn’t before the 20th century it became the centre for CAIMD.

The latter built a folk high school, sixth-form college (with a boarding school) among others. In the 1970s and 1980s, the schools became independent of the founding association.

It is said that only a few inner missionaries still reside in the town, but trust me when I say it doesn’t feel that way. The school I’m currently studying at is definitely not the worst one in this… Eh… I just realized that “God forsaken town” would be the least appropriate thing to call it.

Most people have probably heard that Danes are very open-minded with our religion, and that is indeed true, but there’s still some groups who is the polar opposite, trying to force every little piece of Christian religion down my throat, using whatever small abstract piece of paper they happen to be armed with. (There is a reason for Denmark being the only country mentioned in the ‘see also’ section, on this wikipedia page: Inner mission )

Well, Haslev is getting better, but the hopes of the town to be completely “Inner missionary free” Is of little substance.

I’ll be completely fine with all those religious people, if they just kept their superstitious words to themselves.

Anyway; I had a little fun idea yesterday. Thus I, with the best of my current skills, drew some old-fashioned propaganda. It’s part of a group, which is against all forms of forcing both children, nor adult into an unwanted religion. (Or what they would call “self-realization”, shams!)

I was trying to get a vintage, steam punk-ish feel about it. I think it succeeded.

I’m going to print about 8 posters of this, and hang them up in the hallways in my school, to see if I can get some more teacher with me on this.

And yet again: I don’t have anything against religion, I just think that if a hovering zombie saint, who could turn the must common fluid on our planet into wine, can be the ideal vanguard for the whole human race… Then a self-destructive golem, made out of expired vanilla pudding, can be so too. (Not that I actually think there’s a golem made out of expired vanilla pudding… Buuut I’m pretty sure you get the point. (If there ever was one))

Ladies and Djentlemen

I’m sorry that I haven’t been writing anything recently, so as an excuse; I made a 3×3 panel beginners guide to the metal sub-genre Djent.

Hope you’ll enjoy, or just find it interesting. 🙂

A small guide to djent

As I promised:I’ll post a couple of djent bands/songs for anyone to enjoy.

Meshuggah – Bleed There’s a very small chance that anyone not familiar with really hard metal is going to like this.

Periphery – Buttersnips This one (Or rather the whole band) is a little more kind on the ears, but again; that doesn’t mean anyone is going to like it.

TesseracT – Deception part II This one is yet again a little kinder on your ears, and you’ll probably survive even if you are a musically obvious 8’th grader.

TesseracT – Ambient sax solo This could probably be the most beautiful piece of djent I’ve ever listened to. It’s isn’t really heavy, and everyone should be able to listen to it.

Cloudkicker – Dysphobia Djent in its true form, showing both the ambient, futuristic sides and the rhythmic beats. No vocals, and slightly heavy.

Vildhjarta – Shiver This one isn’t for the faint of heart. It really shows how *Squee* can make any *djum djum djum* good.

Keith Merrow – Pillars of creation I found this guy some day back, and he simply blew my mind. No vocal this time either.

Abscent distance – Traces I found these two guys a week ago, and I’m impressed.

There’s an ocean of more djent bands out there, including sky harbour and such, but these are the ones I listen to the most.

If anyone also happens to wonder, the guy with the beanie, scarf and black hair is suppose to look like me, which I actually think he does… Well, except for being a cartoony, übber pale dude with arms the size of a thin stick.

Again: Sorry for not posting a lot, but I promise I’ll post something interesting before next Thursday.

-Jonas Christensen


I am aware of the multiple spelling errors in the picture (So much for drawing it 4AM)

The biggest one is in frame 8:

“…The song is understandably called ‘Ambient sax solo’, and is probably the song with the-…”

Hello readers.

All of these blogs are getting more than just a hobby for some people, and I know some people who really like blogs themselves, so i decided to start this dandy (And sometimes merry) blog myself. What I’m going to talk about will range to (somehow) extremely different topics, but I doubt that’s going to be of any nuisance. It is, after all, my blog.

Anyways; right now, I’m having quite a few topics on my mind, and i can tell you that one of those topic are those “infamous” ponies, going around among the mature pop culture. I should also talk a little about the violence in video game, maybe? Hmm, I should make a little 3 point  list, just for the heck of it.

This is only the topic of what I have in my mind, not sure if I’m going to ramble about all of it:’

  • Violence in video games Done
  • Those colourful ponies  Done
  • Maybe a little about me, perhaps? Done?

To be honest, I don’t really like moving on rails when it comes to writing, and the truth is that the result will be better if it has been under the loop a couple of times. So I’ll cut this short, but bear in mind, that those topics probably aren’t gonna be that short.

-Jonas Christensen


While I remember it, I would like to say that I’m feeling deeply grieved about the event in Norway. And with the 77’th innocent soul being claimed by death, I would like to say that I’ve been silently weeping and mourning inside. I’m done with weeping though, but it’ll take some more time to get over mourning for this injustice.

“And yet we are all the same.”