Ponies, ponies everywhere…

Never in my rather short life, have I ever witnessed a culture, based on a cartoon like that, spread like fire on a pool of oil. But the speed isn’t really the most odd thing that riddles me about this, it’s the peculiar fanbase it has created. If anyone is still clad in incomprehension, and haven’t figured out what cartoon I’m talking about, then you probably haven’t been beyond the borders of Google, and into the wast barrens of the desultory, antipathetic oblivion, for the last 7 months. Well, this matter isn’t really of origin on the internet.

I’m talking about the cartoon “My little pony: Friendship is magic” And yes, as cute as it sounds, as cute it is. The show is originally made to the target fanbase consisting of young girls, around the age of 8. Despite that very fact, the show has gained a large group of “cult-like” followers, which is in public speech being called by the name “Bronies”.

Bronies are predominately male adults, as well as teenager. The age group 15-25 are the most common among Bronies. And I’m not sure what to think of this jolly, and otherwise cultistic regime. On one hand: It’s cute that some people are just trying to find the childish side of themselves, and doing it with a harmless show as MLP:FiM is nothing to see as a ludicrous nor bizarre act. On the other hand: It seems a little out of hand, considering it’s is a kids show after all. I’ve seen things like enthusiastic radio podcasts, to the endless ocean of fan art on popular sites like Deviantart and 4chan. (If you aren’t familiar with 4chan, then don’t google it, count yourselves as lucky) Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to demote these acts of fascination. I think it’s awesome to be creative for any hobby anyone might have, and the to be passionate about something will always make the result better.

Before I continue, I might add that I, out of simple curiosity, chose to watch some episodes of the show. (Don’t judge me without having watched the show yourselves) As I said, part curiosity, and part “knowing what the hell I was going to write about” made me watch it. And I must admit; it is a very good show. My artistic nature genuinely want to promote the animations, and excellent drawings. But it is a rather unique show, actually explaining moral values without being too sugary. The show came out October 2010, thus it isn’t that old.

Anyways, to return to the Bronies:

It’s hard not to find traces of ponies around the internet now-a-days. But there’s some “Brony-sites” to be found, and after a rather quick search in some rather obscure (And rainbow coloured) corners of the internet, I found an image board called “Ponychan”. It’s a Brony counterpart of the infamous 4chan I mentioned earlier, but this site isn’t infested with morbid hentai (I’m still scarred since last visit… Never again) and cryptic paranormal stories.

Also, as I mentioned earlier; I found a podcast made by the most enthusiastic Bronies I’ve ever witnessed. It’s basically two guys, having a good time talking about the series, merchandise and what not. Still, I’ve nothing again thing like this. I actually think it’s rather cool to hear people loving their hobby as much as they do, and the show is actually very neatly put together, with guest commentators and etc…The sh0w is called “The BronyShow” if anyone is interested in joining the pony fever. You can also find it on iTunes, which I found out yesterday.

There’s also being held Brony meet-ups around the world. Somehow, I couldn’t help myself laughing a little about that, I think it’s a little crazy, but that’s okay. I think it’s a little too extreme, but my opinion won’t keep a handful of happy Bronies from having a BBQ or anything like that.

Just for the record: MLP:FiM is made by Lauren Faust. She’s known for her unique style, and her previous animated series like: The Powerpuff Girls, Kids Next Door and the animated movie: The Iron Giant.

So be nice to all the Bronies out there. They might be a little bizarre, but they could also be anyone you know, the mania isn’t that hard to hide I’m sure of. It’s not like it is the holocaust of the modern era. 🙂

Now I’ll go and listen to some Machine head to wash the rainbows out my ears.

-Jonas Christensen


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