A game of chess, between you and the Grim reaper.

It’s a mystery, isn’t it? What happens when the fire in our soul runs out, and our body decays in the blackness of our tomb. We can only assume, believe and imagine, but we’ll never know or understand. Maybe there is a reason for that. Maybe the whole universe is based upon the fact, that we don’t know? But who knows even that? Hopefully no-one, because then there wouldn’t be anything left. Nothing to strive for, not a single goal to set for our beloved scientists.

Maybe the reason for everything, is that we search for the reason. If that is so, what should we question? I personally want to question anything, with the knowledge that there isn’t an answer for everything. If I knew everything about everything, what should I strive for? Personal development? The point is, that questions is all we have in the end. Sure we have enough trouble as it is now, with hunger, disease and global-warming. But if we knew all the answers, we could solve every problem known to man, with infinite knowledge.

Just for the record: I’m an atheist, and I carry a certain pride in that opinion. However that does not mean I don’t understand religion, and/or respect it. Actually, as an atheist, I find what I don’t believe in very intriguing. And I like the side of the bible that teaches people about moral, and what’s right. But when it goes from being a guideline, to a comprehensive guide to ones life, it’s too much.

However: Death, that’s what I want to discuss. And let me get right to the point, keeping it nice and clean: What if we are all the same? What if we all are great people like Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, or maybe even mass-murderers like Adolf Hitler? I’m not sure if it classifies as reincarnation, but what if I’m every man that ever existed, and ever will? If I after a life, goes back and plays the role as another human being? An accountant the first life, and the next life I’m a Prussian count? Kings, queens, soldiers, commoners, priests, beggars or serial-killers? It’s isn’t a deep, complex theory, and yet it’s something that affect us all. (If “All” is the right term here) But then again, would that knowledge bring us anywhere? There would be nothing we could do to change it, and we would still sit here in our cursed apathy, which has been haunting the human species for the last 30 years. Again; who knows?

Time wouldn’t exist, as we would be (or are) everywhere at the same time.

Jonas Christensen

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